CNC machine tools to increase R & D efforts in China

  China's machine tool output ranked fourth in the world, but still mainly rely on high-end CNC machine tool imports. Experts point out that if China is to be enhancing the overall level of machine, CNC machine tools should increase research and development efforts.

   In recent years, China has maintained double-digit growth in CNC machine tools. Output value reached 26 billion yuan last year, production in the fourth. But compared with developed countries, China's machine tool numerical control rate is not high, the current rate of production output value of NC is less than 30%; consumption value of NC is less than 50%, while most developed countries, about 70%. Take for metal cutting machine tools, production in China was 23 million units last year, of which only 2.4 million units in CNC machine tools, production is only 1 / 10 strong. High-end CNC machine tools and related components to rely on imports.

   China's machine tool industry in the development of unique market space. Especially in the coming few years, automotive, information and high-tech industries will be strong growth in China.

   - The automotive industry represented by the electrical and mechanical equipment industry on the machine tool industry has put forward higher requirements. According to the Big Three and nine key plant statistics, technical investment of 26.1 billion yuan, while investment in technical transformation of automotive components are also nearly 7.3 billion, which with the machine tool industry are about 4.2 billion.

   - Information industry is the fastest growing leading industry in China, China's machine tool industry will certainly provide strong support. New materials, new energy, automation, characterized by high-tech industry will also become a new bright spot in China's economic development, the development of intensive high-precision, complex, intelligent, multi-axis control, automatic high-end machine. State machine triggered by a number of key projects demand considerable.

   - Accelerate the pace of technological transformation of traditional industries, manufacturing equipment level and extent of NC increasingly demanding.

   - Aviation, aerospace and other military-industrial complex, the ability to accelerate new product development and mass production, every year on the scale of the technological transformation investment, need to purchase a large number of machine tool equipment ... ...

   Experts to China's current high-end CNC machine tools and complete sets of equipment into the line of the development, production capacity, in the variety, quality and quantity still can not meet market needs. Take the automotive industry, aerospace industry, the current high-end CNC machine tools needed are: high-speed machining centers, multi-axis simultaneous machining center, double-spindle turning centers and milling centers, precision grinding and composite grinding, precision EDM machine tools, precision precision boring and milling machine and a large landing leading boring and milling machine, CNC high plane, etc., and these devices can not satisfy the demand of domestic enterprises, industry level to be increased.

   Experts say to increase the overall level of China's machine tool urgent. Current needs special attention is the need to rapidly improve the autonomy of NC machine tool product development, manufacturing capability. To this end, we must establish effective control technology development centers, to strengthen the research of key technology, test, form a complete set of development capabilities; the same time, through international co-production, joint ventures, the starting point to achieve the production mainstream, into the volume, specialization.

   Improve the quality of machine tools, machine tool companies must establish a new development model. The industry believes that machine tool companies to "pullback"