Industrial metal wire mesh surface defects

Crease: the surface network of local fold, the formation of unrecoverable prints.

Holes: there is concentration of the surface mesh warp or weft of multiple broken wire.

Corrosion: net surface corrosion deterioration.

Rust: net surface showing green, brown, or Harmonia small spots.

Broken wire: mesh face warp or weft one to disconnect.

Mosquito mouth: metal wire circle, kink, empty out the net surface.

Top Button: warp bad joints, top the net surface.

Reduced latitude: latitude of local cubic curve, mesh deformation.

And wire: two or more than two parallel metal wires woven together.

Jump wire (jump hook): Bureau of warp or weft woven fabric error.

Song Si: the displacement of individual warp or weft loose.

Debris weaving: weaving foreign body in the net.

Cloud organizations: too soft or hard and soft uneven parallel cause irregular cloud-like network map.

Drum package: a conspicuous network of regional surface.

Double: warp or weft overlap.

Size of the hole: mesh mesh regularity size of the uneven surface.

Lean Secret Archives: net individual mesh surface was too sudden or too small.

Pine Edge: edge wavy net bulging.